Abruzzo’s cuisine and culture are made up of “mare e montagna,” sea and mountain, and this diversity is reflected in our menu where strictly authentic dishes compliment others employing Abruzzese ingredients and traditions in new ways. Lamb and pork (from Lancaster and Berks counties) shine, fish is simply prepared to accentuate its freshness, fresh pastas are made by hand with Abruzzese flour and our dry pasta is the world’s best, Cavaliere Giuseppe Cocco, from Abruzzo. Our sheep’s milk cheeses, from a farm in Anversa degli Abruzzi, are among the rarest and best in Italy. The menu changes with every season.


Polipo grigliato
Grilled Mediterranean octopus, harissa-braised ceci, fava bean pesto 16

Insalata primavera
Shaved asparagus, frisee’, arugula, lemon-anchovy vinaigrette 13

Palott cac’ e ove
Braised egg and cheese croquettes in “sugo finto” 13

Arrosticini d’agnello
Grilled cubed lamb skewers, olive oil, lemon, peperoncino, rosemary 15

Imported Pugliese stracciatella, local heirloom tomatoes, basil 16

Mozzarella in carrozza
Fried mozzarella “in a carriage,” bagna cauda 15

Capocollo e formaggio
Salumificio Cicala capocollo, pecorino del parco, green tomato mostarda 15

Carpaccio di manzo
Wagyu beef carpaccio, caper aioli, charred spring onions, shaved Parmigiano Reggiano 17

Scrippelle ‘mbusse
Pecorino-filled crepes, chicken broth 15

Formaggi artigianali
Selection of artisanal pecorino cheeses from Abruzzo’s Valle Scannese and Porta dei Parchi farms 16

Affettati misti
Selection of our house-cured salumi and assorted antipasti 29


Maccheroni alla chitarra “bianchi e neri”
Black-and-white maccheroni, wild Gulf coast shrimp, Piennolo tomatoes 20

Maccheroni alla mugnaia
Hand-pulled, single-strand pasta, garlic, extra-virgin olive oil, hot pepper, pecorino 19

Fazzoletti verdi con ragu di faraona
Stinging nettles fazzoletti, cocoa-braised guinea hen sausage, Parmigiano Reggiano 21

Gnocchi affumicati
Smoked potato gnocchi, lamb ragu, pecorino del parco 22

Taccozzelle all’aquilana
Handkerchief pasta, Abruzzese-style sausage, porcini, black truffle, Navelli saffron 23

Raviolo al tartufo nero
Charred ramp-whipped ricotta egg-yolk-filled raviolo, sage, butter, Perigord black truffle 40

Triangoli al ragu di coniglio
Braised rabbit and Sicilian pistachio-filled triangoli, nepitella, butter, Parmigiano Reggiano 21


Roasted Country Time Farm pork belly, cicerchie, charred broccoli rabe, preserved lemon 31

Pollo alla casalinga
Roasted Lancaster County chicken thighs “housewife style,” red onions, potatoes, carrots 28

Brodetto vastese
Lightly spicy seafood stew, heirloom peppers, tomato “guazzetto” 30

Coniglio in porchetta
Roasted rabbit “porchetta style,” lentil-chestnut ragu, marsala sauce 30

Meagre all’acqua pazza
Pan-roasted meagre fillet, lemon-potato puree, tomatoes, garlic, white wine, parsley 29

Fiorentina d’agnello alla Centerba e pepe nero
Pan-roasted lamb porterhouse, Centerba al pepe nero, local mushrooms 32


Peperoncini fritti
Fried long hot peppers, garlic, olive oil 9

Cime di rapa
Broccoli rabe, garlic hot pepper 10

Fagioli Calabrese
Calabrese-style cannellini beans 10

Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness
20% gratuity will be added to parties of 6 or more