The inspiration for Le Virtù (The Virtues) comes from our experiences at the tables of family, friends and farm restaurants all over Abruzzo. Every dish we prepare is rooted in or inspired by Abruzzese culinary tradition, ingredients or philosophy. We serve the cuisine of the shepherds, farmers and fishermen of Italy’s wildest and most unspoiled region. It’s bold, honest and unpretentious.

We source all we can from the “terra” surrounding Philadelphia: naturally raised pork from Berks County; lamb, chicken and rabbit from Lancaster County; produce from rural New Jersey and Pennsylvania. What we can’t find locally, we import from Abruzzo: artisanal honey and cheeses (some of the rarest in America); L’Aquila saffron; extra virgin olive oil for finishing dishes; dried pastas (including a gluten-free option); even the flour we use to make our fresh pasta.

We do things the old way: meats are house-butchered and house-cured according to centuries-old methods, pastas cut by hand. Savory ragùs simmer all day over a low flame. Our innovations are inspired by and emerge from an understanding of and respect for tradition. We welcome our guests in the Abruzzese spirit: as honored friends who we want to feel at home. You’re encouraged to relax, linger and savor the experience.

Le Virtù is one of few restaurants in America so dedicated to the culinary traditions of a specific region of Italy and one of the country’s most authentic Italian dining experiences.

Le Virtù, a rich minestrone, is made on the 1st of May in Teramo, Abruzzo. Traditionally, the town’s most virtuous girls use the legumes, pastas and other ingredients left in the cupboard and larder after the hard Abruzzese winter.